Hillsdale Bed & Breakfast provides Hillsdale college lodging near campus. The following story is from the Hillsdale Collegian, the original story can be read on the campus newspaper’s site here: Hillsdale Collegian.

The bed and breakfast officially opened in September 2021, in time for hosting visitors for Hillsdale College’s Center for Constructive Alternatives. The Shulls originally planned on opening in October, but the college asked them if the bed and breakfast could open by the first CCA in order to house attendees. 

“We had to go and get the final furniture, and the painters were very good,” Joel Shull said. “They moved us up on the schedule so we could be ready.”

Before moving to Hillsdale in 2019, the Shulls owned the Painted Turtle Inn in Saint Joseph, Michigan, for eight years. After running the old Cape Cod style home next to Lake Michigan, the family heard of Hillsdale Academy and wanted their children to attend. 

The Shull family commuted between Hillsdale and Saint Joseph for two years before finally selling their home and moving to Hillsdale in November 2020. Seeing the need for lodging in Hillsdale, the Shulls began looking for a place to start their business. 

“We were hoping for one of the big, historical houses close to downtown. But there’s not much for sale, and if they are, they need so much work that it’s cost prohibitive,” Christine Shull said. 

Once the current house came on the market, Christine Shull said she knew it was perfect. 

“The location is so good, so close to the college, and it was large enough for us to do something with it,” Christine Shull said. “It had a big kitchen and that’s what’s important. It was the best house we found for what we wanted to do.”

Walking into the house, guests are greeted by a living room, furnished with couches and a television. Three bedrooms line the perimeter of the house, each with their own private bathroom. At the center of the home is the kitchen and dining room, with a bar for patrons to dine and commune with one another. 
The Shulls, after working in a resort town, are confident in their abilities to adapt to any dietary restrictions and needs. 

“In Saint Joseph, there used to be a triathlon, and all the athletes would come needing a paleo diet, low carb, gluten free,” Christine Shull said. “We would have five different people on five different diets, so we can do those accommodations pretty easily.”

This past weekend Jennifer Vaughan, a Hillsdale College mom and CCA attendee, stayed at the Hillsdale Bed and Breakfast and said she enjoyed her experience. 

“I’ve stayed at a lot of bed and breakfasts in a lot of different countries, and they do a beautiful job of making you feel very welcome,” Vaughan said. “They include details for the guests that I’ve never seen before. They are so generous with the coffee and tea, leaving it out all day, and in the evening, you can have a drink if you wanted, it was just on the honor system.”

With their kids at Hillsdale Academy and Christine Shull working at Hillsdale College Business Office, the couple said they wanted the Hillsdale Bed and Breakfast to be a continuation of the mission of Hillsdale College, providing a home for those who came to visit. 

“I wish them every success, and I think the more people know about them and what they have to offer, the more they should be brimming with guests because they really do an amazing job,” Vaughan said. 

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